Syafiq Halid


Syafiq Halid is a sound designer, electronic artist and percussionist based in Singapore. As a sound designer, he enjoys exploring and experimenting with sound in different forms. He discovered Live in 2012 and incorporated it into various theatre and dance performance productions. Syafiq is the first Ableton Certified Trainer in Singapore.


Syafiq Halid has been playing world percussion instruments since the age of 13. In 2012 he discovered Ableton Live during a Sound Synthesis module that was part of his studies at the Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. During his studies he discovered the endless possibilities of sampling, sound design, live performance and music production within Live, which inspired him to delve deeper into sound design for contemporary theatre, dance and live performance. In October 2016 Syafiq completed the Music Foundation Program in Ableton Live at Dubspot Online. Since then he’s been working on furthering his own career by producing his own music.


Syafiq offers his knowledge of Ableton Live and musical approach in one-on-one lessons and small group classes in Singapore.

Selected Projects